Herbalizer Vaporizer

Herbalizer Vaporizer

From: $479.00

  • Ability to vape any type of material
  • Four modes of vaping operation
  • Temperature control system
  • Extremely fast heat up time
  • Excellent vapor quality
  • Super efficient

Description and Review


The Herbalizer is a modern, sleek desktop vaporizer that transforms your dried herbs or concentrates into pure, delicious vapor. Offering a contemporary design and easy operation, this vaporizer is one of the preferred choice among medical marijuana patients.

Warranty Info: 2 Year Warranty (Only Valid in USA/Canada)
Dimensions: 7 x 10.5 x 11.25 in.
Weight: 4.45 lbs.
Vaporizer Type: Dual (Balloon + Whip)
Vaporizer Compatibility: Herbs, E-Juice, Waxes
Delivery Method: Balloon Bag
Voltage: 110v


  • Ability to vape any type of material
  • Four modes of vaping operation
  • Temperature control system
  • Extremely fast heat up time
  • Excellent vapor quality
  • Super efficient
  • The bags are perhaps not made from the highest quality materials
  • Very expensive; may be out of reach for some vape enthusiasts
  • When the cooling fan comes on, it can be noisy
  • Whip may fall out during vaping
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    There are some issues, but it's a great buy July 31, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    Pros: Extremely efficient – I can pack it as little or as much as I want and it vapes the entire bowl evenly Easy to clean Temperature control is spot on Time to heat up is less than 10 seconds every time, even to 400+ degrees Multiple modes (Whip and bags) Cons: Bags are low quality, the valves are the cheapest material possible and don’t stay on the bowl most of the time The whip falls out of the bowl easily, which is incredibly annoying when passing it around All of it is made of some plastic that seems incredibly cheap Aromatherapy mode isn’t very intuitive to use The Vapor-Icer that came with it doesn’t even fit into the bowl. The form of this bowl is maddening. Nothing seems to work properly with it All in all, I’m satisfied with my purchase because it does work extremely well, I almost exclusively vape now because of the Herbie. That said, I’m very disappointed with the build quality and I would like to see improvements in that area before I give it 5 stars.

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    After many vaporizers herbalizer has impressed me instantly ! July 31, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    I bought a Vriptech Heatwand from vapornation and was very very impressed with the performance. It is the hands down the the most potent clean cloud producing machine there is. I know the only way the vapor will improve is to improve what I am making vapor out of, but one thing about this Herbalizer that caught my attention was accuracy of temp almost instantly… It makes using different blends so much easier and tastier because the moisture content and temps needed vary. My favorite feature is my family loves how much quicker my vape sessions are before we can leave to dinner. No vaporizer I have tried can get you the same results every time almost instantly. Turn on the fan assist at 420 Deg and you will be blown away.

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    Fished in July 31, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    If you are a skeptic, conspiracy theorist or just a hater – this one’s for you! Perhaps you are doing what I did in pondering the purchase of the Herbalizer. Its lofty price tag certainly brings with it some trepidation and warrants extensive research. You probably have found zero negative reviews and are wondering as I did “are they censoring reviews?” “Can this many 5 star ratings be legit?” I always grow tired of the endless kudos and search out what negative things people are saying about an item before I decide to purchase. In the case of Herbie, the proof is in the vaping! Believe da hype and let me tell you this, you will loathe smoke after your first vape with this product. For the record, I have been a wake-n-baker for way too long (20 years now??). This machine has completely changed how I enjoy chron. The Herbalizer gives us the ability to specifically target thc and cannabinoids at precise temps to cater our stoney experience however we choose. Herbie even teaches the user a little about what temps create what effects! and get the most out of one’s bud. Herbie looks like a portable speaker or hard drive and is completely inconspicuous among an ordinary household backdrop. It is portable, drivable (ac adapter not included) and just way too cool. Made in the USA and developed by NASA rocket scientists, it is surely the finest quality and oddest contraption in a smokers arsenal. Herbie’s LED screen greets the user with fun affirmations and factoids upon power up. Ive used volcanoes, blown glass artwork, pyrex, papers, wraps, gutted cigars, knife hits, gravity bongs, weed soda, edibles, recycled glass, tin foil, fruits and veggies, god only knows…and let me stress this point I CAN NO LONGER USE FIRE to enjoy my pot. Also, i use with as much frequency as when I was bonging it, but my weed consumption has miraculously been cut in half. The money saved on pot purchases surely will pay for the unit in the coming months. My only regret in purchasing the Hebalizer was that I took so long to decide to get it. You will not regret this seemingly extravagant acquisition.

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