Haze V3 Vaporizer

Haze V3 Vaporizer

The Haze V3 is a small, compact, and portable vaporizer manufactured by Haze technology. It is a third upgrade of the original Haze vaporizer and is one of the first dual, portable vaporizers that is designed to be used with more than one type of material.


For instance, you can have one chamber with dry herb and the other with some e-liquids.

Get in a quick session with some Sour D and chase the smell away with some fruity e-liquid flavor. It can also vape concentrates via the included all-purpose cans. This is truly an all in one portable vaporizer for someone who likes to have options.

Now the original Haze and the version 2 had some issues with the mouthpiece sticking with moderate use. But the new Version 3 Haze has completely fixed the issue. They added a lip to the mouthpiece and boom, no more sticking.

Haze V3 Size, Portability, and Concealment

The size of the Haze is similar to that of a flask. It weighs a little more than other portables due to the stainless steel but overall it’s not a deal breaker. It fits perfectly in my jeans pocket and can easily be concealed in a backpack or hoodie.


Haze V3 Mouthpiece Review by myvaporeyes


The mouthpiece secures back into the unit when not in use and they have completely fixed the mouthpiece sticking issue by adding a lip to the glass mouthpiece.

The Haze weighs roughly 193 grams (~6.8 ounces) with 2 all-purpose chambers and the mouthpiece stored inside. The Haze stands 3 ¼” tall, 3 1/8” wide and about an inch deep. It’s 4 ¾” tall with the mouthpiece pulled out.

Temperatures, Heat Exchange System & Vapor Path

The Haze uses a patented heat exchange system with stainless steel chambers and a stainless steel vapor path.

The heat exchange system works by pulling in cool air from outside the unit and passes by the air that exits the unit. This cools the exiting vapor while simultaneously preheating the air entering the chamber which helps conserve battery life.

The average heat up time is between 50-60 seconds and it maintains a pretty constant temp regardless of draw strength. It also does a very good job of evenly vaping your herbs without having to stir or mix.

Haze v3 Dual Chamber System & Packing Techniques

Haze V3 Dual Chambers by myvaporeyes
Dual chambers

Like I mentioned earlier, the Haze is one of the first dual bowl vaporizers and they pull it off extremely well.

You can use any combination of dry herbs, concentrates or oils with the included cans. You get two all-purpose cans that can vape dry herbs, concentrates, and oils. Then you get 4 screens for dry herbs. Two convection screens and two conduction screens.

I’ve tried them all for dry herbs and I recommend that you use the all-purpose can, grind super fine and pack down the herbs tightly in the trench.

I get about .2 grams in the all-purpose cans and a little less in the conduction/convection screens. One can fully packed is definitely enough for one person and just right for two.

You can also pick up an extra two-pack of the all-purpose cans for $10.99. This way you can pre-pack 4 bowls for trips and easily swap them out when you are finished.

Batteries, Charging Info, and Session Times

Haze V3 Batteries by myvaporeyes
Haze V3 Batteries

The Haze comes with two external rechargeable lithium ion batteries. The exact Haze battery model is “3200mAh Li-ion 18650 3.7V” which is a big upgrade from the original 2600mAh in the 2.5 Haze version.

The batteries are my favorite part about the vaporizer because I can always have one on the charger ready to go. If I know I’m heading out for the day to go hiking or snowboarding then I’ll make sure both are fully charged before I head out.

I can get on average four sessions per battery and each session lasts 10-15 minutes depending on your herbs, grind quality and what pre-packing can you decide to use.

Note* – They sent me the 3200mAh batteries for the review unit. The default batteries are 2600mAh. You can get the upgraded 3200mAh batteries for $30.

The Haze comes with an external charging dock which can charge one or both batteries in about 4 hours and they also offer a car charger adapter which plugs into the charging dock.

Having multiple batteries is a life saver because you can’t use this unit if you don’t have a charged battery.

Haze Accessories

Haze V3 Accessories Review
Haze V3 Accessories

The Haze comes with a couple cleaning items like a brush and scoop which are pretty standard when buying a new portable vape.

It also comes with two different mouthpieces, batteries, one all glass and one stainless steel. The glass mouthpiece is said to have the best flavor but I don’t really notice a different between the two. The stainless steel mouthpiece seems to be a bit cooler on the lips.

Haze v3 Warranty Information

The Haze vaporizer is backed by a 10-year warranty covering against defects in materials and craftsmanship. From Haze Technologies… Haze is backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. It does not apply to normal performance degradation, batteries, or glass mouthpieces.

Summary & Where to buy the Haze V3:

If you want a portable vaporizer that allows you to vape all materials (Dry, Concentrates, Oils) then the Haze v3 vaporizer is what you want.

The dual bowl system and the pre-packing cans make loading and unloading extremely easy. I have unlimited options as far as what materials I want to vape and how I want to vape them.

The 10-year warranty is a testament to the quality of the product and Haze Technologies is heavily involved with the vape community. They are constantly making changes and upgrades and seem to be a company to keep a look out for in the future.

If you aren’t quite sold on the Haze you can check out the Firefly 2 review. The Firefly 2 is a pure convection portable vaporizer with quick heat up time (5-7 seconds), low maintenance and it’s currently one of my favorite vape for concentrates.

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  1. small portions

  2. This is wonderful! No more burning my throat, no more smoking up my house and no more cleaning stinky pipes. I hesitated buying because of the cost but I finally gave in because of a sore throat. It’s easy on my throat and I was surprised of the floral flavor. It’s well worth the price. I did end up purchasing the easy valve and I recommend it.

  3. Expensive well-built Vaporizer, there is arguably no tastier way to vaporize flowers.Facts: Fluids and waxes are not supported. Vapor is powerful yet exceptionally smooth, you will come back to the Volcano everytime you vaporize with something else (Have NOT tried the new but more expensive Herbalizer -you should probably do so if you can) . I highly recommend the solid valve system with the Volcano, due the ability to customize balloons (mine is 3 feet tall), also it maintains the Volcano built quality, whereas the Easy valve does not.. Some people like to use whips, then the Volcano is not for them -whip cannot be attached. Spare parts are expensive, so keep the valve system clean with Isopropylalcohol (parts must dry prior to usage). Power cord is not detachable, if you break it -you will have to fiddle with the electronics inside. ( Was considering to go -1p here). Never try lifting the Volcano by its slippery top.In conclusion a Revised version with detachable power chord, hardware for fluids and waxes should come out (due to the intensely growing and demanding herbal community). Complementary Info on different temperature techniques (not essential to use the Volcano). Everything else is top notch.

  4. Absolutely awesome, honestly the price is a bit high but when you get it and use it you understand why. i received the classic version with the easy valve set up and it all works flawlessly. everything came with the manufactures seal proving its new so thats dope too. buy with confidence, shipping was really fast aslo.

  5. Pretty bad ass product, my 2nd vape coming from v2 pro 7 and this things just great adjustable heat on the fly and in the second and lowest Temps flavor stays same all way through Sesh. I first didn’t like the haze but like many things in life if u get to know it, it’s pretty nice. Also enjoy the convection, conduction, whatever I feel that day I can do. Bottom line u won’t be sorry with this vape!

  6. The vapor production in the can is better than some desktop units I’ve tried. I don’t know why some claim the crafty and mighty to be the first to get there with a portable. The Haze has been out for months. The heat exchanger definitely works and keeps the vapor at a comfortable level even on high, i’m not trying to knock the crafty just saying this one was first to get desktop production. The ability to just swap out batteries and can’s is priceless especially considering most others can’t do this, If you need a vaporizer that can go all day without maintenance I recommend this. I also would recommend extra can’s, and removing the mouthpiece between use if you plan on more than a couple can’s before cleaning. A single battery will last about an hour of use on high. The vapor quality is great for a non glass vapor path, it’s oil abilities are AMAZING! It seems to make a little go a long way while getting nice clouds. I also have to point out the 10 year warranty that I know for a fact they honor, My first unit had some problems and had to exchange, They have great customer service. I highly recommend this one.

  7. This is my first vaporizer and I really like it. No more coughing my lungs out after smoking. The use of a separate battery is great. I really don’t like messing with the USB charger things. Unit definitely comes up to temperature quickly. Vapor is just a little bit hot at hottest setting, you just need to learn how to ghost in the vapor along with some air if this is a problem. The unit feels good in the hand and is quite attractive. I much prefer the conduction screen to the convection screen for dry herb and have not used it yet for wax. The only tiny concern is that handling the little trays and screens and silicon covers is a bit of work. I sometimes use the ultra cool tweezer (included) to manipulate the parts. This would be the only drawback of this unit, but I can understand that the manufacturer wanted to meet the needs of all users. I load my baskets in the morning when I am fresh so they are ready for an evening session. I feel this unit will last a long time.

  8. This cape is a bit expensive at around $200 but it comes with a 10 year warranty and from an American company. Haze also has an amazing deal where you can buy unlimited upgrades for a one time fee of $99. The new version (V3) will be out mid september this year (2015) which solves the problem with the mouthpiece getting stuck inside the vape and some other advances. Vapor quality: Above average, not the best tasting vapor (still satisfying) but it does get thick and produce large clouds, I have a Zeus Smite which is about $100 cheaper and I would say it has slightly tastier vapor Manufacturing quality: great engineering, it feels solid and I used it heavily for 6 months and it never faulted Portability/Discreetness: very portable, its small and easily fits in your hand but it kind of looks like you are sipping out of a flask Pros: What I really like about this vape is that you can use 3 different methods with your herbs. It also comes with external batteries which means you can vape with one battery and have the other one charging at the same time and if you are out and about you have 2 batteries giving you about 2 hours of vaping. If the batteries go bad you can easily replace them for just $20. Also the 2 chambers is great for when you are out since you can have 2 sessions without repacking which is awesome. Cons: The heat up time is long at 1.5 min for low temps and 2 mins for high temps and you need to wait about 10-15 seconds between draws to get the most vapor. These two factors make sessions longer than I would like when I’m out. Doesn’t bother me at home though. Tips: Convection screen: What I found best was starting with level 3 heat and taking 2-3 draws which is great tasting then to heat level 4 to finish it off which gives nice thick draws Concentrate canister: I use this for dry herbs because it produces thick vapor at lower heat settings (2-3) which means quicker heat up time and longer battery life In conclusion its a great vaporizer and I recommend it.

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