Anti-Smoking Activists Don’t Know the Health Benefits of Vaporizing

Anti-smoking activists all over the world have been fighting against smoking cigarettes for a long time, and with the rise of the vaping industry, they are now turning their campaigns against it. However, they are doing so without being aware of the health benefits of vaporizing, which significantly help to reduce the health risks caused by smoking.

The long and bitter battle to bring down Big Tobacco was so hostile that it’s hardly surprising those on either side ended up with a siege mentality.

And while smoking rates and uptake levels are falling, the end game for the deadly habit is still unclear.

One of the final skirmishes is being played out around whether vaping, the practice of inhaling an electronically vaporised liquid to mimic smoking is useful in helping quit.

As I learnt from speaking to many people on talkback radio, there is no doubt that big numbers have been able to kick the habit by switching to vaping, using what are known as e-cigarettes.

But that hasn’t stopped anti-smoking activists and even the WA Health Department from victimising the victims of smoking by trying to outlaw vaping.

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